Solar Systems

About our solar panels, inverters and monitoring systems

Being a leading solar panel installer we have invested a lot of time into selecting the most appropriate products for our installs. Our aim is to provide a wide enough range of products to meet all of our customers’ needs, but not too many to make our offer sound confusing. In every case, we’re happy to consult with you to select the best components for your individual circumstance.

 Solar Panels

We offer a choice of panels from well-known household names to specialist solar pv manufacturers. Our range stretches from the best value-for-money modules to those with the highest efficiency on the market. High efficiency panels are great for maximising the output of smaller roof spaces, whereas other panels may be a great choice where roof space is at a premium.


Inverters are the equipment that makes utilising the electricity generated feasible to use within the home and to export to the grid. They convert direct current from the system into alternating current, which can be used within your home. Whilst all inverters do the same job, different models are better suited to different systems for a number of reasons. Other than maximum capacity, different inverters may be selected for the monitoring options they offer, the location they may be sited in or their efficiency.

 Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal panels, or solar thermal collectors come in two varieties – flat plate and evacuated tubes. Both types product similar amounts of hot water, however they also have their own unique benefits. Evacuated tubes are more efficient than flat plate collectors, meaning they take up less roof space. Flat plate collectors may be more suitable for home-owners when roof space is at a premium.

Monitoring systems are not required to run a solar energy system. Monitoring systems usually display real time information about your system’s generation, and can be wall mounted or small handheld portable displays. We stock a range of monitoring systems.