Automatic Swing Gate Motors

Can you imagine watching television without a remote control? It’s hard to imagine.

And yet do you still get out of your car, walk to your yard gate, drudgingly open it, walk back to your car, drive through the gate and then run back to close it? Or for reasons of convenience, do you leave your gate open all the time allowing anyone access to your property?

There’s a better way: with modern yard gate drives. These have long been affordable and install quickly. A simple press of the button is all that is needed and the gate opens itself fully automatically. A lock protected mechanism makes sure that it’s not so easy for a criminal to do it. Isn’t it time you rewarded yourself with this daily convenience. The sliding gates are well suited to domestic and industrial users.


Complete solution for commercial and industrial gates up to 1000kg.

It uses a battery driven high torque 24V DC motor, coupled to a robust gearbox to provide an automation system that is fast, powerful and battery backed-up perfect for industrial and commercial applications where heavy gates are installed.

LCD controller can monitor diagnostics and set any function at the touch of a button and you will understand why you won’t need another operator for a long time.

Main features

  • Battery backup
  • High push force
  • Full position control
  •  Fast operating speed
  •  Quick and easy installation
  •  Safe anti-crushing protection
  •  Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  •  Multiple operating features including alarm modes
  •  Exceptionally easy system set up via LCD user interface
  • Onboard NOVA multichannel receiver with selective delete

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