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Excellent product and services to make the lives of our clients free from threats as far as can be.

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We have over thousands of domestic, cooperate and industrial clients. We have proven our Technical expertise and experience.

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Our Featured Security Products

ASG SYSTEMS offers a powerful and diverse unified security and automation platform that encompasses CCTV surveillance, Gate Automation, Intrusion Management, Vehicle and Personal Access control, Video management, Identity management, Visitor management and incident and case management, to provide a consumable, flexible system which allows businesses to effectively secure their facilities, transform their operations and meet compliance.

Electric Fencing

Provides a physical barrier that delays the intrusion time.

Sliding Gate Motors

Stylish, secure and strong swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates.

Excellent Security Solutions

ASG Systems provides end-to-end security solutions to its customers for keeping their lives and properties secure completely.

  • CCTV Control Room Solution
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
  • Vehicle Access Control System
  • Personal Access Control System
  • Parking Management System
  • Etag Based Vehicle Entry System
  • Building Management System

Over 20 Years of Experience. We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Guidance.

We sell solutions which you might need for securing your banks, military offices, houses, airports, hotels, education centres, or software houses. We could offer you products for perimeter intrusion detection systems so that no intruder could breach your possessions.

Our Technology Partners

Our partners have worked with us to deliver ever more innovative, effective and successful projects

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