Heat Resistant Parking Shades

A car park shade is a wonderful product to keep your car cool in a hot and warm summer. ASG Systems design, manufacture and install lightweight shading structures that are still aesthetic to the eye and surroundings. Our design team will create a shade that fits the appearance and style of your home. We can also supply complete turn-key solutions for your project, and we ensure that it will be completed on time and to your budget.

Car Parking
Swimming Pool Shades
Stadiums & Sports Park Shades
Mosques Shades
Dome Tents / Canopies
Restaurant Shades
Garden Umbrellas
Retractable Shades
Walkways Entrance Shades
Steel structures
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Sail Shades
Fabric Facade
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Gazebos & Shades

ASG SYSTEMS offers a powerful and diverse unified security and automation platform that encompasses CCTV surveillance, Gate Automation, Intrusion Management, Vehicle and Personal Access control, Video management, Identity management, Visitor management and incident and case management, to provide a consumable, flexible system which allows businesses to effectively secure their facilities.

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