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We live in the age of technology which is harmful and useful at the same time. Don’t you need something to maintain your privacy and protection? If yes, we can help you in securing yourself and your properties. ASG Systems offers credible solutions for ending your security issues. You don’t need to worry about the safety of anything, even, not a bit, if you give us a chance to serve you. Your possessions can remain secure completely whether you are in your residence or firm.

Sliding Gate Motors

Gate motor for domestic and light-industrial applications.

Swing Gate Motors

Stylish, secure and strong swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates.

Traffic Barriers

Introducing the heir to the throne of high-volume vehicular access control.

Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing provides 24 hour premises monitoring on the perimeter.

CCTV Cameras

Vision and commitment to make surveillance simple and affordable.

X-Ray Scanners

Comprehensive line of x-ray scanners, vehicle scanners, and metal detectors.

IP intercom & PA systems

comprehensive voice over IP intercom & PA systems.

Bollards and Blockers

Includes Barriers, blockers, bollards and traffic spikes.


Introducing ASG secured entry control line of turnstiles.

Parking Shades

Shade is a wonderful product to keep your car cool in a hot summer.


Our glass skylights are guaranteed to be entirely weather proof and robust.

G-Speak Ultra

The G-SPEAK ULTRA is a wireless, mobile-based intercom system

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