Detection XRAY Scanners

With the increased of global terrorism the requirement of screening solutions like X-ray scanners, X-ray body scanners and x-ray baggage scanners becomes crucial components in the effort to protect in aviation security, customs inspections and other critical infrastructure. The security x ray machines find all types of dangerous metal, organic and inorganic substance. These Security x ray scanner throw low penetration of radiation to detect metallic and non-metallic objects hidden under clothing.

X-Ray Baggage Scanners

X-Ray Scanners:

Comprehensive line of Security X-Ray Scanners

Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Round

Diverse selection of Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Under-Vehicle Scanners

Permanent Under Vehicle Scanner

UVIS System Automatically Identifies threats

Vehicle Scanners

Correctional facilities, Government buildings and checkpoints

Hand-held Scanners

Easy to use, convenient and no need for additional setting

Portable Scanners

Penetrates 25mm steel, 60mm aluminum, 1-3 second imaging

ASG SYSTEMS offers a powerful and diverse unified security and automation platform that encompasses CCTV surveillance, Gate Automation, Intrusion Management, Vehicle and Personal Access control, Video management, Identity management, Visitor management and incident and case management, to provide a consumable, flexible system which allows businesses to effectively secure their facilities.

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